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Skyclad's Blog:

Warm winter (01/14/2011 05:14:31)


Just wanted to let you know that we were blessed with a very warm winter this year.
Can be nude indoors most of the time.


Hi again (06/10/2010 16:42:33)

Glad to see that the site is back.

Cheers from Israel !

Waiting (06/08/2010 03:49:30)


As the IYNS website is being re-builded, i'll get back to posting after site is back :)

New Nude Record (05/25/2010 11:34:18)

Last week we celebrated the Shavuot. Which means that I had about 5 days off.

I used that time for what I like the most - being nude ! :)

So actually I break my old record and here is my new record - 5 full days without clothes !

Hi all ! (05/14/2010 12:22:48)

Hello ! I am Skyclad, and I am glad to be the first blogger on the IYNS website.

I thought that it will be appropriate to introduce myself in my first blog post. I am a young nudist from Israel, nudist since I was about 15 years old. Love this lifestyle since then :)

I live in the center of Israel, Tel-Aviv. I am the only nudist in my family. I enjoy visiting the few nude beaches we have in Israel. I have many on-line nudist friends from all around the world.

Anyway, I am really glad summer is getting here, so I hope I will have many nude experiences to share with you all !

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