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Wonderer's Blog:

crazy weather (02/02/2011 11:29:31)

Since this December the weather here has been crazy. One day it is nice and warm with a slight breezes and the next it is cold and down right windy. Going out on nude hikes is not something one can plan to do till the day you do it. I did get a few days though that I was able to drive the quad out to the edge of the mountains then hike naked along the ridges to take pictures of the Big Horn sheep. Hiking nude in the desert in the winter, one has to be ready for almost any change in the weather. On One nude hike up on the ridge I was set up to take pictures of the sheep as they were working my way when a cold wind started to bow at 50 MPH. Luck was with me as the wind was blowing from them to me so I was able to get a few good pictures before they saw me or I should say the LED lights from my camera. I was also using my back pack to help hold down my tripod. Hiking naked like that is a feeling that is hard to explain to someone that has never enjoyed the freedom of an all day hike nude. Feeling the warm sun and breeze on your nude body. Later wonderer

Winter in Arizona (01/15/2011 13:54:39)

This winter the weather in Arizona, USA was warm up till almost the end of December so hiking naked was really enjoyable. One of the desert rides and hikes I took was to what is called here the "Sand dunes". There are three strips of sand that run about a mile long and end at the foot of the mountain. The way I get to them is on my quad. As you can see in the other picture. Since then it has cooled down a lot but now it is starting to warm up again and I'll be doing a lot more of what I enjoy doing. Hiking naked out in nature and taking pictures. I saw from the other Blogs that some would like comments about the pictures they posted but as for me I see no way that could be done unless you know the others Email address. I just want to say to those that have posted pictures, I do enjoy seeing your picture sand reading your Blogs. Wonderer (Lex)

Hiking Nevada (10/01/2010 12:47:38)

I had planed to make a fast trip down to Arizona to pick up a travel trailer and bring it up to Idaho but as things turned out I only made it halfway through Nevada. Since I was three miles out of town at a RV park and there were trails there so I went for a few naked hikes. Once along the short trees it was no problem staying out of any ones sight. The sun was hot the breeze was cool and I enjoyed it. wonderer

Cleaning day (07/26/2010 14:06:13)

Since today was overcast and looks like rain I thought it was about time to do some cleaning in the house. I find it a lot more comfortable to do that naked then have anything on other then shoes and socks. In doing that I stay cool even if it warms up. Yes I help my wife around our home inside and out but I do draw the line when it comes to cooking. I just don't like to cook. Lex

Hiking the Idaho mountains (07/07/2010 17:55:51)

In years past I liked to hike an old dirt road that went up to a pass but a few years ago mountain bikers have discovered it and hiking naked has become impossible on it since you can not hear them and they come so fast. There are a few other logging roads that come from it that make not only for great naked hiking but the views are breath taking. One picture was taken at 9500 feet. These two pictures are off those roads. It is also nice to cool down in a creek when the day is over. Lex

morning (07/02/2010 13:20:56)

This morning after feeding the horses it was still a little cool so I jumped into the Spa with my coffee to warm up. As the sun got higher it warmed up enough for me to work on my all around tan. Yes life is tough but someone has to do it, LOL We did one hike to a mountain lake last weekend and I'll post some of those pictures for you all to see as soon as I can. Have a great weekend, Lex

Hot springs (06/30/2010 14:52:00)

One of the places we like to stop at on our way from Arizona to Idaho is Spencer Hot Springs. The area is large enough to park RVs, There are three hot springs to enjoy and you can hike naked to the old mine or on the hills. Most of the time when we are there we meet up with some nudist friends and enjoy the company. This year we spent 10 days there till a snow storm came in and we headed out. We had a good time relaxing and talking with our friends. Wonderer

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