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Irishman's Blog:

Still Here :) (01/13/2011 17:29:46)

Hello Again! I see there are a few new bloggers, but no "anything" to go along with them?? :(
Anyways half a year has flown buy, and it is now the middle of winter. I SO can't wait until Spring/Summer get here. I hope to make a lot of changes this coming spring. Mostly my yard (Backyard), with some fencing (for privacy and more sun enjoyment), bringing out an above ground pool that has been in storage for years. Hopeing to add a volleyball area, so summer fun and get togethers will be in more fun. Made a large fire pit last year, with flagstone and lots of room for people to sit around enjoying a nice evening fire. Anyways, will keep you all posted, and hope to add pictures of some of the progress, and maybe even some "no tan Line" pics of myself (just to show that I really do use the sun in Arizona!). Till then...Irishman

Initial Greetings! (07/01/2010 11:39:34)

Hello and Shalom!
My first time contributing on any site. I really enjoy your site and am glad your recent ups and downs seem to be smoothed out. Most of the pics are great from around the world and really enjoy the ones from Israel (would love to see more). It gives me a chance to see people and places I`ll probably never see. I live in a great state for sunshine and beauty, Arizona USA. And though I was raised in a nudist home (back in California in the early 60`s) I am now what is called a "home nudist/naturist". My wife of almost 38 years knows how I was raised and tolerates my views, but is not herself a nudist, in the social sense anyway. If in secluded and private areas, where it would be just us, then she would participate and shed her clothes. In the meantime, I catch the sun on my backyard patio and enjoy getting an all over tan! Thanks for the space to chat a bit and this site seems to have a lot of great people in it. Would love to visit Israel someday and enjoy a swim at a nude beach! Shalom, Irishman :)

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