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Why and how should one become a nudist ?

Who can become a nudist ?

Anyone ! Of any gender and any age !

Why should you become nudist ?

  • Live a healthier lifestyle.
  • You will enjoy more in your life !
  • You wont have tan lines.
  • You will become a better person.
  • Forget your every-day cares while you are nude.
  • Doing chores you don't like is easier while you are nude.
  • You will enjoy doing activities during the day (while you are nude).
  • Its like with clothes, but better !
  • Save money on clothes.
  • You will have fun !
  • If you are teen, then you must know what is good and fun for you, you don't have job or all the cares adults have... you should try it.... read on.

How do you become a nudist ?

Well, there is nothing easier than to become a nudist !

The only thing you should do is to take your clothes off ! :)

So how does it feels ? Great huh ? So free - its fun !

Of course you can't do it now (But, if you did, its great!) if you have someone at home, try removing your clothes when you are home alone, and you will see it's great !

Next time you're alone, lock the door and undress. Walk around for a couple of hours. Feel the breeze on your skin, the touch of the floor under your feet. Act as you would act usually, watch TV, read, do things you like. You can also start sleeping nude. I can guaranty you'll like it!

Where to start ?

  • Warning ! - If you will do the following you will never want to wear your clothes again (especially Israeli people) - It is hot now ... Very hot. Once you came home in the middle of the day and you have no one at home, remove your sticky and sweaty jeans and shirt ( or whatever )... So how do you feel ? So free ... feel the nice breeze on your naked body... and now try to remember how did you felt a few minutes ago... dressed, sweated ,uncomfortable ,yuck ! :)
  • Try doing things you don't like to do in the nude, for example try cleaning your room, or studying while you nude... you will enjoy it !
  • Start sleep in the nude (if you hadn't done it until now)
  • Try to find a place to go nude outside, a nudist resort for example, find a nudist community.
  • Thats it ! You are a nudist now ... Enjoy !

    For teens:

    There are many discussions about should or shouldn't a young nudist tell his parents about it (you can check other's opinions and write your own at the forum). I think that if you feel that your parents wouldn't have anything against it( maybe they will become nudists too) you should tell them, in that way you will enjoy nudism while they are at home. But, if you think it will offend them in any way, or you just shy about it... ( IMHO ) don't do it...

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