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Nudism ? Why and How ?

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About nudism

Nudists are regular people, they have jobs, families, hobbies... The thing that makes them different from other groups in the society is the fact they like to be nude. Nudism is a healthier way of life, nudists are usually nice, calm and nature loving people.

Calling yourself a nudist does'nt mean that you have to go nude always, nudist will not go nude to school, for example, at the middle of the winter (nor at the summer, i guess)...

But now it is summer! A perfect time for nudism indoor and outdoor.

Nudists enjoy sports, the sea and the sun in the nude.

Nudism is also about self acceptance, you don't have to be slimmer, rounder, have more muscles or whatever, to enjoy the water, sun and nature without being covered with something.

Honestly, I never did understand the logic behind the idea of covering probably our most sacred organs. Organs that without them our kind would stop existing... But what do I know ?

surf nude

Enjoy sports nude...

Or even skydive nude...skydiving

Or you can just enjoy a hike in the nature.


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