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Title : Re: Why to hide
Posted on: 10/02/2010 08:37:37 By : Johny

Yesterday I had a chance to catch a bit of rays in north of Haifa beach, partr from mol to naphta park, it is quite uninhabited, so I after taking a silent place I got a bit in dream. I awoke from a noise, someone is going around me, to and fro. It was one arab, shoulders N-64, and 2,10 meter tall. Walking around silently, keeping a hand inside his jeans, and having strange wavelike movement of that hand. DAMN!!
However seeing I am up, he went away, so I wasnt needed to defend me by brutally fisical arguments. Now I am thinking, may be its wiser to have allways in the bag a certain long screwdriver?? Or elecric screwdriver with connected 10 mm drill?? What are here customs?? At homeland I had just chemical weapon against such "ill boys" its highly paralythic in distance until 15 meter, and works on in 0,5 seconds, keeping that person 20 minutes long until police comes. But seems here is no such traditions to have any self-defence things, any shopping center is rushing a bag to find anything suspicious.
Just, how do you do it youself, brothers of mind??

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