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Title : Discovered your webs
Posted on: 02/14/2016 22:58:45 By : David

Discovered your website trhough another blog by our Naturist Family Network Administrator, Eric. Enjoyed reading it and will be checking back. I noted right away, your California and Monterey country connection. I grew up in King City in the southern part of the country. Not too much in the way of nudist experiences there but when I went north to attend Humboldt State Univ. in the mid 70 s, I was a regular at College Cove and on the Trinity River up near Willow Creek. Have not spent much time in NJ but your club sounds like a real winner. Have a couple of NFN family member who live in NJ and maybe the get that way. Look forward to reading more. I have a small blog on the member blog site at NFN and have just started writing in such a manner as well. I do quite a bit of freehiking and like to post on it.Yours naturally,Jay

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