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Nudist Stories

Here we a small collection of stories of nudist expiriences or stories about nudity. Please check them out.

If you want to share your nudist story, email it to : or use the contact page.

"First time story" by Alex

My first time was a bit different from other stories I have read.
Unlike others I wasn't introduced to nudism by a friend, a family member or a spouse, I pretty much discovered it myself.
My first experience was when I was about 14 years old, in the first grade of high school, on a hot day.

Of course I have memories of myself running around nude as a child, crying when parents tried to put a bathing suite on me, throwing it away and running bu tt naked to the sea (I think it was at the age of 3-4). I have memories of myself in a kindergarten age, undressing in my room when I knew no one will come, playing naked and having fun. I don't know if other kids my aged did that too, but that was me.

Anyway, back to my first time,
It is hot in Israel most of the year, especially hot on summers.
Hottest days are called "Sharav" (or "Hamsin" by the Arabs), on those days the sky have reddish color, hot wind blows and temperature gets above 40C.
Most people try to avoid being outside on those days and to chill inside with an A.C. running.
My high school was about 15 minutes walk from my house.
Walking back home at the hottest hours of that day seemed to last much longer, but finally I arrived home all sticky and sweaty.
I discovered that I was home alone, something that happened rarely those days.
The house was dimmed and cool.
I took off my shirt, shoes and the sticky jeans and was about to go grab a shirt, shorts and my flip flops, when I suddenly stopped.
Why, I wondered ?
I am home alone... It's hot...
Why should I get dressed ?
Why can't I walk around barefoot ?
So I decided to give it a try...
After walking around in my underwear, I've decided to take it another step forward.
After checking that the windows were closed, I took a deep breath and removed my underwear.
I stood there, naked, and pretty much amazed by the things I felt.
I could feel the breeze on my skin, the cool floor under my feet... I immediately fell in love with this.
That day I did everything in the nude...
Even doing things I hated like cleaning my room felt differently.

This was the day I decided that I want to be nude whenever it's possible.
Since that day, everytime I was home alone I was nude.

"First time story" by Clint

This story was posted on the Below21_naturists group at Yahoo!.

Hi guys, let me tell you of the 1st time I was nude in public. I was 13 and had become friends with a guy in my History class. Ben was also 13 and just starting to become a man. His voice would crack when he spoke, which made me tease him unmercifully. He was dark, tan, with curly hair and a great smile.

I believe I had a major crush on him, as boys will sometimes do. He invited me to go with his family camping for a weekend (with his dad, mom and 11 year old brother). When we arrived at the site where we would be staying, Ben said he had something he had to tell me.

He explained that his family were naturists and not to be too surprised by what would happen. I had no idea what a naturist was, but didn't want to appear ignorant, so I told him "No problem." After the tent was set up and the camp was arranged to everyone's liking, Ben's parents went in the tent. Before they did, Ben's dad asked him if he had spoken to me. He said he had and that it wasn't a problem.

Imagine my surprise (shock) when Ben's parents emerged from the tent bareass naked. My eyes almost popped out of my head. I had never seen a female nude before, and Ben's mom was a real looker. I could see Ben watching me and he told me to join him in the tent. "You don't know what a naturist is, do you." he asked. I admitted I didn't, but thought perhaps it was some kind of sexual group.

He explained to me what his family believed in and said I didn't have to undress if I was uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Ben's lil brother entered the tent and peeled off his t shirt and pants. I silently giggled at the site of his small penis, but he didn't seem to care that he was completely naked. Ben then disrobed and stood before me, waiting my decision on whether to stay dressed or to get naked.

I figured I would make his family uncomfortable if I stayed dressed, so I slowly removed my shirt, pants and briefs. Ben's brother stood there and watched me, a smile on his face. "See, that wasn't so hard was it!" he exclaimed. I quietly asked Ben what would I do if I became aroused. He said not to worry, it sometimes happened and that it would go away by itself. To make a long story short, I had the most fun weekend of my life, and decided that from then on, I would be a naturist. To this day, I am naked whenever possible, and have joined Ben and his family for many weekends and overnighters.


When I was in the fourth grade we studied California missions and Indians.
We learned that the native American culture was that they wore either very little, consisting of a small loin cloth, or nothing at all, depending on one's age and status within the tribe.

One warm spring day, several of us were walking home from school and talked about going to Danny and Martha's house after school to play.
Since we were learning about how Indians lived, we decided to play Indians. There were four girls and three boys including me. The girls said they would make "Indian clothes" that we all would wear. Soon they had fashioned waist bands and two flaps, front and rear for all of the participants.
At first we were very squeamish about being seen in such skimpy of outfits, but the girls said they would wear theirs if we did. We went to separate bedrooms and removed our clothing and tied on the Indian clothes made from a left over Halloween costume.
We emerged and looked at each other and felt strange, but good about it and it caused us all to be adventuresome.

We were out in the back yard playing Indians in various activities. As we moved, it was difficult to keep the Indian clothes in position and protecting what modesty we maintained.
As the day wore on and we were all going back and forth into the house to use the restroom and get drinks of water, and the girls made popcorn for our "acorn" dinner.
Our friend's mother was totally aware of our newly discovered game and apparently approved. I remember meeting her in the hallway as I was going in to use the restroom while most of "me" was exposed and her asking me if we were having fun.

A little later as more than one waist band either broke or came untied and fell off while we were running, jumping, and tree climbing, we decided it wasn't worth it to try keeping them on, so we all removed our small loin cloths and were totally nude; three boys and four girls, all in our fourth grade class together.
We spent the rest of the day playing Indians like we learned about them at school. I recalled seeing pictures of them in the text book. It showed the adults wearing the leanest of skin covering, while the children were naked.
To us at the time, our props and costumes were authentic, so in the name of historical correctness, we emulated the native California Indians as accurately as we could, which progressed from very small loin clothes to being completely nude.
I remember each of us thinking we could ask our teacher for extra credit.

When it was finally time to get dressed and go home, we felt bad that the day was over.
The next day at school, none of us made an issue of our previous day's adventure for fear of being teased about it.
We "Indians" were very serious about our game and felt like the Indians in the text book picture.
For some reason the next day after school, the circumstances were not right for a repeat of the Indian games. I think it was because someone's older brother came over so we couldn't continue our fun.
We all drifted to other after school pursuits like baseball, Barbies, bike racing, and typical kid fun.
No one ever mentioned that day again, but we all had a different camaraderie after that.

That day is one of the most indelible memories of my childhood and I think of it often.
I am grateful for the mother who was tolerant enough to allow mixed sex children to mingle outdoors naked, including two of her own.
She risked a serious problem if one of the parents objected to our activities.
The experience had a large part in my wanting to become a nudist as an adult.
My wife and I became lifelong nudists shortly after I graduated from college.

Karen's First Time:

Here is my story.....

A brief item on the news caught our attention.
In June of 1999, the city of Toronto opened its first "Clothing Optional" beach.
It was to be a two-year experiment. My friends Chumsie and Erica and I wanted to go.
I would sometimes go nude in my apartment, but this would be the first time I had ever gone totally nude in public.

Two weeks later we made the two-hour drive to the city, parked the car, walked what seemed like a mile to the ferry docks and boarded to ferry to Toronto Island. The actual crossing was quick.. we arrived at the island in less than 15 minutes, but we still had a 10 - 15 minute walk from the ferry dock to the beach. Looking around I saw several others with beach bags who were heading to the same beach.

The beach was divided into two sections. The larger section with the lifeguard was a regular textile beach, and it was deserted. A smaller section had been fenced off and there were signs up everywhere:


Were they afraid someone would come here by accident?

We crossed the boarder. It was a hot sunny day, and the beach was packed!!! Not everyone was nude. Many of the other girls were topless, some were wearing full swimsuits. The beach was about 80% male and 20% female. We walked from one end to the other taking in the sights. Finally we set up our blankets and towels. Erica was the first to get undressed. She seemed to have no hesitation in getting out of her swimsuit!

As soon as the towels and blankets were spread out I decided to undress. I was trying to be as casual as possible but I knew several guys were watching us. I took off my top and shorts and finally my panties. I quickly lay down on my front and let the sun glaze my back. Chumsie and Erica were applying sun tan lotion to our white skin to protect us from severe burns.

Needless to say, the three of us attracted some attention from the guys. Though the beach has a reputation as a popular hangout for gay men, there were quite a few guys there who were not gay! Many of them walked by and said hello. We replied with friendly "hellos" back. One guy had brought a large Watermellon and cut it up and came over and offered us slices. Most people seemed very friendly.

After a short while we no longer thought of ourselves as being naked... it felt so natural that we just started walking around and later played frisbee! One guy in shorts came along and joined in our game. He later sat and chatted with us. His name was Adrian, he was 24 and he did not want to take off his shorts! We teased him a little but he didn't mind. The more we talked with him, the more relaxed he became. At first he seemed to be staring at me....or more specifically, at my breasts. I pretended not to notice.

As we talked he explained he had heard about the beach and decided to check it out. I told him this was our first time there too. We decided to go for a walk along the water's edge. The water was still pretty cold and only a very few people were actually in the lake but the sandy beach part was pretty crowded.

At one end some people had set up a picnic table with several nudist magazines and information about a nudist group. They were pushing memberships for $20 and explaining that they held monthy swims at indoor pools all year round. We were given coupons and invited to their next swim.

As we headed back, Adrian decided to join in the spirit and undid his shorts and dropped them. He happily wandered back to our blanket as nude as I was. My friends were impressed and asked what I had done to get him to strip. I told them he did on his own.

Adrian, Chumsie, Erica and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing frisbee, walking along the beach, munching on snacks and just having a relaxing time. By late afternoon it had clouded over and it started getting a little cool so we staretd to pack up. There was a shower room but it was not on the Clothing Optional section of the beach. So, reluctantly we pulled on our shorts and tops and went over to the showers to rince the sand off. Then we headed back to the ferry. Adrian suggested we go get some dinner before we headed back home. We did, and before we parted he gave each of us a hug and a kiss and we traded e-mail addresses. We promised we would let him knbow when we were coming back to the beach. We were back...two weeks later! And we were there almost every weekend that summer. We joined the nudist group and started going to their monthly swims. Best of all, we are still friends with Adrian and see him whenever we get a chance.
To anyone who is afraid to go to a nude beach I say GET OVER IT!!! Just will have a great time and make some pretty cool friends !

Tamara's First Time:

First of all, in the short time Iíve been here Iíve really enjoyed this site. It has been fun reading all the messages and taking and posting polls. It was nice to know that I wasnít the only one in the world who enjoys nudism. Even thought I knew I wasnít, Iíve always felt a little self-conscious about it, conservative upbringing I suppose. With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to share first experiences. Iím not sure if anyone else wants to, but I thought it would be nice to know if others had the same experiences and as I had when growing up. Even by myself, nudism has always been a most delightful and sensual experience for me.

I was about 9 or 10 when I started to become aware that going nude felt nice. Of course, at that age, coupled with my family upbringing, I thought of it as naughty to want to take off my cloths and run around naked. My parents were quite conservative and pretty much no-nonsense kind of people, so something like nudism was viewed with skepticism and a raised eyebrow. No one in my family was a nudist that I know of, nor did anyone give me the idea. This was something that I discovered on my own. I wonít go into all the little thoughts and details that led up to my penchant for going nude, but its sufficient to say that a lot of it was the fact that my body was changing and I was getting those adolescent puberty thrills, so going ďbareĒ as I use to call it, enhanced those feelings. After awhile, I just plain enjoyed the total experience of it and created a lifestyle that included nudism.

After, like months of thinking about it, I finally got the nerve up to try it. I had already done things like going nude in my bedroom, taking off my pajamas at night and all sorts of little things like that to experience the sensation, but was pretty much limited to the privacy of my bedroom. Believe me, at 11 yrs old, that was pretty daring stuff to do, but what I really wanted to try was walk around the house in my birthday suit. Obviously, I had to wait until I was home alone to try that. I couldnít imagine walking into the kitchen bare ass naked and saying, Hi mom, whatís for dinner? LOL

Finally, one afternoon I had the house all to myself. I was 11 yrs old at the time. I knew that nobody would be home for the rest of the afternoon, giving me at least 4/5 hours to strip and run around the house naked. Just the thought of it was exciting to me. I quickly ran up to my bedroom and took off all my cloths. My heart was beating like crazy when I stepped out of my bedroom bare ass for the first time. I think I even peeked out the door to make sure nobody was there. LOL My bravery peaked, I walked out of my room and leisurely strolled downstairs to the living room. The cool air sensation caressing all over my bare body, especially areas usually covered, was a delight to my senses. It gave me a nice tingly feeling all over. A little voice in my head kept reminding me that I was totally bare naked, which only added to the thrill it was already giving me. After a few minutes, I found myself leisurely sprawling out on the couch, laying on the floor in front of the TV doing summersaults, running up and down the stairs and doing just everything I could think up to accentuate the sensation of being naked. Oh, was it a new sensation, and I just loved it! I knew right then and there that I was going to have fun with this!

From that time on, whenever I got the chance, Iíd take off all my cloths and go naked around the house. I did that for a while until I decided to expand my horizons and try it outside at the ripe old age of 12. Oh, did that open up a whole new world of sensations! First the backyard at night, and then the woods behind the house. Finally, at 13 I told my best friend, swearing her to secrecy. To my delight, she was immediately intrigued and wanted to try it herself. That very day, we spent the entire afternoon walking around and exploring the woods in our birthday suits.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my first experiences, and how I got into nudism. I would very much enjoy hearing from others who have had similar experiences.



A memory:

When I was seven, my parents built a house on the family farm. The house was hidden in the woods in the middle of a 40 acre pasture. We moved into the house in early November. We were 5 miles from town and every Saturday morning mom went shopping. Being 7, I was required to go. I wanted to watch cartoons. started begging to stay home by myself. Mom and Dad felt that 5 hours was too long a time to be alone but we would try 30 minutes at a time.
By June, I as allowed to be home alone on Saturday mornings while mom went shopping. There was One requirement. She would call every hour to make sure I was ok. Mom yelled that she was leaving and that I needed to get out of bed. I threw the covers back and discovered I was naked. My pjís were at the foot of the bed and I was at the top. I heard mom start the car and drive off.
It was 7:30 and Cartoons were on so I went straight to the TV. Disaster, the TV was on the blink. No cartoons. I moped about the house for a little while in deep dark depression that only a 7 year old can know. My father had left the house early that morning and decided to stop by the house to check on me. I did not hear him pull up. All of the sudden my father was standing in front of me. I whined that the TV was broke and could he fix it. He tried and failed. Lighting had struck the antenna.
He suggested that I go outside and play. He would be home for a little while and would tell mom that I was ok and outside playing, he would check on me through out the morning. My dad then pushed me out of the house. I was naked and outdoors. I just stood there. The sun shining on my body, the wet grass under my bare feet, I was soaking the feelings in.
I wandered around to the back of the house. The back yard had turned to mud with a small lake in the middle of it. Before I could so much as stick a toe in my dad called me back into the house. I was certain that he was going to insist that I get dressed and stay out of the mud. I trudge back to the house.
My dad set me down and told me that Mom and my great Aunt decided to go to Springfield for the day. He was going to join them later that evening for dinner and a movie. I would be spending the night at Derekís house--my best friend--and that He had invited Derek to spend the day with me at the house. The two of us could spend the day playing and Derekís mother would pick us up around 5. Dad told me that he had work to do and would check on us every couple of hours and that he would keep the CB on in the truck if I needed him. I was thrilled.
Then it hit me. I was going to have to put on clothes. This diminished the thrill but not enough to ruin the excitement. I went to my room to get dressed but did not actually put on any clothing. By the time Derek and his mother were at the house, I had managed to get a pair of underwear out of the dresser. My dad, Derek, and Derekís mother stood in the doorway of my room looking at me. My dad said "You have company and you were supposed to be dressed. This is a totally unacceptable situation.". Derekís Mother agreed and winked at my dad. They looked at me then looked at Derek then back at me. Derek and I traded looks then look at our parents. My Dad told us that nudity was not allowed and that we were forbidden to be in the back yard naked. If he caught us in the back yard naked he would take the garden hose to us both.
Derekís mother told my dad to do a good job with the hose if he caught us in the back yard naked and if she caught us she would do the same. We both got hugged reminded about the rules, and told to be good. We watched as they walked out of the house, got in their cars, and drove down the drive way. Derek was naked before they were out of the driveway. We were outside and headed to the back yard seconds later.
We slid, rolled, splashed, wallowed, smeared, and threw mud for the next several hours. I remember feeling free and unrestricted. It was wonderful. So wonderful that I about fainted when a large hand clamped down on my arm.
My father was home. He had me by one arm and Derekís ankle gripped firmly in his other hand. We were drug through the mud and wet grass to the well house. We were both about to cry, when a blast of ice cold well water struck us both. We both screamed in surprise and my dad started to laugh. He hosed us down good. By the time he was finished Derek and I were reduced to giggling pink blobs.
No we were not punished, just washed down. My Dad told us to go sit on the porch in the sunshine to get warm then he would take us down to the local store to get some lunch. We stretched out on a towels in the sun to dry and warm up. That was all it took. The warmth of the sun on my skin, the feel of the breeze, and the total freedom caused me to become a nudist for life. Derek told me later that it was the same for him.
My dad took us to lunch and reminded us of the rules. He also had to gather up our clothes from the front yard and put them in the house. Derek and I spent the rest of the afternoon roaming the woods and playing in the mud and water. When my mother found out, she was not exactly pleased, but I was told that it was my choice when she was not around. But I was not to run around naked in front of her or my sister. Derekís parents issued similar rules for when we were by ourselves, otherwise they would tell us when it was ok. After that I was allowed more time at home alone during the summers and on weekends.

Slumber Party:

Every child that came to our house knew that we did not allow bathing suits in our pool or back yard if anybody was naked. Their custodial parents also always knew in advance and gave their approval. Therefore, everyone who came to our kids slumber parties knew that they would have to be naked to join in many of the activities. However, some were still a bit shy about being naked.
Well, every slumber party has to have some games or activities to make it exciting. We thought up a neat game that was fun and that would make it easier for the kids to get naked if they were a bit shy. We played this game on the kitchen floor in winter and our patio in summer. Mother would make up a big bowl of whipped cream or Cool Whip. Then, two boys or girls would be blindfolded and given a soup bowl-full of whipped cream and a spoon. Sitting on the floor, they each had to feed the other until it was all gone. Of course, they soon discovered that it was nearly impossible to find their partnerís mouth so it got all over their faces.
It would not be long before they would realize that they had whipped cream all over themselves from the other childís attempts to feed them. This had to be revenged. So, they would forget trying to hit their partnerís mouth and try to get as much of it all over their partner as possible. An especially popular target was the hair. Soon, every slumber party had some "old timers" and some new kids, and the old timers would just go for the mess! Enough of this trying to get it in their partnerís mouth!
When they took off their blindfolds, there always was lots of laughing and giggling. To make matters worse, one of the "old-timers" would offer the current contestants a glass of Kool Aid or something to drink since the sweet whipped cream they did eat would make them a little thirsty. Just when the newcomer was about to receive the glass, the old timer would do a fake trip and spill the drink all over the front of the ones sitting on the floor.
Of course, every kid loved making a big mess and being totally messed up themselves. Then, they would all undress from the clothes they now found disgusting, and my wife would throw them in the washer. The kids would all head for the pool (or tub in the winter--they didnít care if it was summer or winter, the pool or the tub--the game was too funny to pass up). Mom would clean up the kitchen--which wasnít too bad since everything was water solvent.
Once we discovered this game--if you could call it that--no slumber party was complete when they came to our house for a slumber party for any kid who was anywhere from six to about fourteen. As our children got older, they took care of everything until they handed their Mom the load of wash. And everybody would be laughing the whole time.

Snow Fun and Skinny Dipping, by Mark:

It happened four years ago, during a very unusual April month. I was off college for half term; it was a two-week break and I was at my holiday home.
Georgia was also down for the week with her Mum and Dad.

On the day in question, (which was April Fools day as irony would have it), we awoke to find the ground covered by a half inch of thick compacted snow.
Despite this it was still very warm outside. Both Georgia and myself were concerned as we were due to go skinny-dipping at the lake with our friends.
After I'd made some calls, we decided to set off and make what we could from the day. At least we could be with our mates.

On arrival at the lake, we greeted our friends; in my case it was Tracy, Emma, Cha and her sister Kim, and in Georgia's case it was Charlie, Amy and Amy's father.
We checked out the lake, which was frozen solid! The originally planned activity of skinny-dipping was out of the question.
This upset us, but determined, as we were to enjoy ourselves, we started a snowball fight. This was great fun and we really enjoyed it.

After we had finished the snowball fight we frolicked about in the snow together.
We rolled around in it and as a joke, kept sneaking up to our friends and putting snow into the back of sweaters.
Naturally after a period of time, this made all our clothes very wet.
"What are we going to do?" Kim asked. "None of us has got a change." Everyone removed his or her sweaters and shirts.
Amy and Charlie went with Georgia and placed them in Simon's car, whilst myself, Tracy, Emma and Kim went to check the lake again.
We were hoping the sun might have melted the ice. It was a lot slipper than before, and we thought it might be possible to break it.
Thus we picked up some thick fallen branches, and proceeded to smash through.
Excellent! We could skinny-dip at last! As we took off the rest of our clothes Emma offered to go a let Charlie, Georgia and Amy know we had succeeded in breaking through the ice.
"They'll be thrilled," she said. "I go and tell them to get undressed." I laughed and Emma and Tracy both asked what was funny.
"There's no need to tell them that" I answered folding up my trousers and shoving my socks and underpants into one of my shoes. "Look behind you."

Everyone turned round. The three girls were running towards us across the snow, and all of them were naked.
"Oh goodness!" Cha laughed. "I wonder what was going through their heads, there's no way they could've overheard us talking."
Georgia reached us first, and I scooped her off her feet. "You little monkeys!" I joked, "What made you think of this then?"
Charlie explained that they hadn't really planned it. "It just crossed into our heads.
We'd all got our sweaters wet already because of the snow, so why not strip off? We'll have nothing to worry about if we haven't got anything on.
"Amy also said "It's not everyday you will get a chance to play nude in snow is it?" We all smiled. She had made a very good point after all.
Then, from over my shoulder, Georgia noticed that the ice on the lake was broken. "Oh goody!!!" she squealed loudly, "We CAN swim!!
"Charlie and Amy screamed with joy declaring "Let start having some fun!"
We all laughed again and Cha and Tracy scooped up Charlie and Amy. "You want to have fun?" Tracy said. "Then have fun with this."
All three of us carefully and gently threw the girls into the air. They landed deep in the snow.

We all ran towards the area they had landed in. However as we approached they all jumped up.
"Rooters!" Georgia yelled bending down and picking up a ball of snow. "Take this!!" As predicted they proceeded to pelt us with snow bombs.
Laughing we returned fire. "First team who has a member fall is the loser" Kim called.
"That will be you!" Amy screamed throwing a carefully placed shot into Tracy's chest. For several minutes we fired snow bombs at each other.
Then as Charlie stood up after collecting another ball, Kim seized her chance. She threw her ball towards her and Amy who was standing next to Charlie.
It sailed under their arms and stuck them both on the shoulder. They we thrown off balance and Emma and Tracy finished them off, knocking them to the floor.
Georgia ran toward a tree, but I made sure she didn't get there. My bomb struck her hard on the butt and as she stopped with shock,
Cha took her down with a ball to the back of her left knee. "Gotcha!!" I shouted.
Laughing with delight, we ran over to them to make sure they were OK. They were.

We all got into a circle on the snow and discussed the fight. We all had a really good laugh.
Then Georgia got up and ran a short way towards the lake. As we all followed her, thinking she was about to jump into the water,
she hurled herself forwards and skidded across the snow on her tummy. We all copied her with joy.
(Unless you've actually done it yourself, it's hard to appreciate the novelty of having cold snow on your bare skin.)
Then Amy and Charlie ran over to Georgia who was still on the ground. As she rolled onto her back, Amy cried, "You're not getting up from there mate."
Working together, they buried a laughing Georgia in the snow. Inspired, myself, Tracy, Emma, Cha and Kim all copied her.
Everyone was buried once each in the snow.

After we had all been buried, we all took a break from playing and had lunch. "Things have turned out well after all."
Tracy said. We all laughed. "Better than well" I answered, leaning over to give Georgia a cup of tea.
"Thanks to this lot. We plan to go skinny dipping and instead spend a day playing naked in the snow."
We all laughed again, and Georgia gave me a friendly tap. "It's certainly been different."
Amy said. "Have we enjoyed it so far?" Everyone answered in unison with a load shout of "YES!!"
After we had finished, we all took the opportunity for a photograph.

Now the skinny-dipping could finally start!
There was a short delay whilst Georgia and Kim tied their hair back (I don't know why they did this, Georgia never normally does, and my friend Cha never does, she's got long hair too.)
Then we were off. We climbed up into three trees and then leapt into the water. We all splashed down hard.
Georgia and Cha both screamed! The water was freezing. We struck out for the bank and climbed out.
"Oh my!" Georgia said, shivering "That was a real shock, I thought it may be warmer with the sun overhead."
"We'll be all right," Charlie said. "Let's go again!" We finished up the day skinny dipping and laughing.
After we'd got over the initial shock of the cold, we didn't really feel it. We all had a great time and the day panned out well in the end.

We all had a great time and still regularly laugh about it today.
To be honest, if the girls hadn't taken the lead that day, I don't know what we'd have done. Hats off to them!!

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