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Abrico beach by Andre

You can E-mail Andre at :

Naturism in Brazil started in the 1950s, few people were naturists at that time, the most famous Brazilian naturist at that time was Luz del Fuego, she use to dance naked holding snakes.
Luz del Fuego lived in the Sun Island in Rio de Janeiro and created the firts Brazilian naturist club. Her story became a famous movie in 1983.
In Brazil there are several naturist beaches(10) but the most famous is located in Rio de Janeiro - Abrico beach.
The first naturists discovered Abrico in 70s and in 1984 an important Brazilian magazine made a cover news about naturism and from that period on naturism has fully developped in Brazil.
The naturist federation in Brazil has 500 thousand members, next to 29 regional groups. Abrico is a little and beautiful beach, located in the unspoiled Atlantic rainforest. Couples, families and singles go to Abrico every weekend and everybody respects the naturist rules, besides there are security guards at the beach.
To share this hidden paradise we created a special package that not only shows Rios traditional tourist sites but also takes the naturist tourists to Abrico.

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